David goes off on a bit of a rant about the corporate world of suits, and also somehow ties it all into a review of the wonderful Game Boy Advance SP.

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For the uninitiated
Extra Thin Ice
In A Can
T-Shirt #1
Issue #65
Trilogy DVD
Hi-Fi Serious

Yeah Right Sure
Retro British punk/pop.
Before I get into the actual review, I'll just say that this was originally intended to be in the Shorties section of the site. But its taken me so long to get round to reviewing it, that I'm making it up to Harvey from more

London Mean Fiddler
Singing midgets & piano punk-pop.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a midget sing before. Saying that it’s not like I’ve ever really known any midgets; but this little guy just to the side of me was singing his heart out. This is the uplifting power of more

Casinos, monkeys and brushes with death.
I approach the front desk “Room 430 please”
”…here you are, Sir” and I get handed a monkey.

Barbican Arts Centre
The history of video games.
Well I was going up to London and it was a grey and overcast day yet again. Why do all my ‘going up to London’ articles have to start on such a down note? more

by Johnny Gasoline
"I met my girlfriend on the Internet."
I met my girlfriend on the internet. This lies somewhere between having genital herpes and membership of the Ku Klux Klan in the scale of ‘things not to reveal about yourself’ at trendy parties, as I more

The Lonely Position Of Neutral
Full on emotional hardcore.
TRUSTcompany were one of the bands frequently playing on O-Rock 109.5 while I was in Florida, and being a sucker for the ‘heavy verse – melodic chorus’ style of songwriting it was a name I knew more

And Z-Boys
The origins of skateboarding.
Dogtown And Z-Boys is a feature length documentary on the Sony Classics label. Narrated by Sean Penn this film is mostly a cinematic version of the work by writer and photographer, CR Stecyk more

Part 1
The Flight and Arrival
I hadn’t been on a plane since I was about 12. Well that’s not entirely true, I went on one about 2 years ago, but that was just a short 2 day business trip (ooh, posh!) to Berlin, and the flight was more

Round-up 2
Star Wars, Buffy and Transformers.
Well I suppose it's time for another quick toy round-up. For those that know me personally, you'll know that I haven't had much money to spend on silly things lately, so this small selection pretty much more

London Astoria
The UKs Best Kept Rock Secret.
We were stood in an otherwise extremely dodgy looking side street in London with a bunch of sugared-up teenagers, mostly all chatting and sometimes shouting amongst themselves. Suddenly heads more
eyemachine Update
There is now a new eyemachine forum. It's a lot bigger, nicer looking and you can add avatars and profiles to give yourself a bit more personality. You can also send each other private messages and put up more contact details. You can even copy and paste thread specific links to your friends. It's only just gone up so is looking rather empty at the moment. So please get posting.

All of the 'Forums' buttons in the main menu now link to the new forums, but some of the text links, such as those at the end of reviews and features, and especially those at the end of news stories at present link to the old forum. These shall be changed to link to the new forum over the next couple of days.

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The Fire Theft mp3s
Quite a while back - I can't recall when, have a look through the news archive if you're interested - I posted up some news about Sunny Day Real Estate reforming under the name The Fire Theft. Well they have a sort of official site now. Its not much, but they are posting rough mp3s up every now and then and are worth checking out. Click here for the page.

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EM World Addition
Just added an archive page for em world, so you longer have to use those 'next' and 'previous' buttons to re-read your favourite strips ;)

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: SE

Buy It

This DVD is Region 1
After years of waiting the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is getting a Special Edition DVD release.

This two disc set featuring commentariy from Bob Zemeckis (amongst others), documentaries and deleted scenes is released in the US on March 25th.

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Free Desktop Monkey
To celebrate the release of Ape Escape 2, the official website is offering a cool downloadable Desktop Ape for PC users. Just go to www.apeescape2.com from March 10th and download your free ape who will deliver news, hints, tips and fun facts to users over the coming month!

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New MacFarlane Aliens Toys
After the (apparant) success of the Aliens Vs. Predator Deluxe Model last year, MacFarlane Toys have decided to release a new range of Aliens and Predator toys, featuring different variations on your favourite movie xenomorphs from each of their different films, such as the Predator, Predator Hunter, 'Dog' Alien and Warrior Alien; The Deluxe Figure in the series coming in the form of the Queen from Aliens, complete with gooed up victim and chestburster. Click here for images at the Movie Maniacs 6 microsite.

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