The man who knows no fear.
There's no denying that the comic book industry is flagging at the moment, maybe this is because nothing is really changing, especially for Marvel, the same old characters doing the same old things every month. more

The Movie 2000
The electric mouse returns.
Not content with disappointing most of the post-pubescent English speaking world with the first instalment, kids WB have assault us with another attempt to dump a little pokemon into our lives. more

Tale of a suburban superhero.
Superhero films have never really been too successful in the past, with the obvious exceptions of superman, batman and recently the x-men. But even then, serious fans of these titles could always find faults that would suppress them from truly more

All you need for a life of crime.
The original Grand Theft Auto [GTA] caused a lot of controversy at the time of its release, and with car crime escalating as much as it is it's easy to see the concern. However, upon more

Buck Rogers
Punk-pop in the 25th Century.
Feeder finally return with more of their pop-structured guitar pop after about a year or so. Their last album release 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' was a surprising success for the 2/3's Welsh more

No, Wolverine! Snikty-Snikty Snork!.
Marvel Comics have never had much success with transferring their characters to film. Why this is nobody seems to know, after all their characters don't tend to wear capes so shouldn't more

Retro arcade
Frantic racing and chasm-jumping.
Not one of the most classic or widely known games ever made, my first memories of Mad Gear are from adverts appearing in computer magazines circa 1990 for the conversion to various more

Vapor Transmission
Electro nu-metal straight from the 80s.
It's never a good move for a band to release a cover as a single, especially if they do a really good job. From that day forth they will forever be know as 'that band that did ' and never taken more

What's in the box? What's in the box?!.
After the success of Fight Club, David Fincher has finally been recognised as one of the great visionaries of Hollywood, not that he's had an easy ride. I'm sure many didn't realise, overlooked more

Super-poseable action figure.
No one can argue that the standard of toys and models have improved drastically during that last few years. This is largely due to McFarlane Toys and the detail they put into every more