Incase no-one has noticed, eyemachine has pretty much been put to sleep for the forseeable future. I just don't have the time to write anymore - all my free time is now going to drawing comics. more

Guest Writer.
Arpad Crisis is one of those mixed up people who has something bad to say about everything that he likes. He writes/publishes more

Guest Writer.
Johnny Gasoline is currently a guest writer for eyemachine. He is from the 80s and was brought up, and still currently lives on more
eyemachine is on online magazine covering mostly video games, music, films and comics. Occasionally the odd feature will emerge depending on what thoughts we're having at the time. Like reminising on how great the 80s really were or getting excited about the day that personal jet-packs are available mass-market.

The site will be updated as often as possible. Honest.

But this also largely depends on how much money we have to buy these things to review.

So if anyone wants to donate anything thats reviewable, video games, dvds and so on, then don't hesitate to contact us. We're always eager to get our fluffy paws on free stuff.

For now, check us out by clicking our links on the left.